Boo To Hunger

Boo For Hunger donates 4 meals to MANNA FoodBank from each ticket sold.

In two years we have raised 38,400 meals for MANNA, and we are excited to add to this number this year with your support!

Sensory Friendly Night

Oct. 21st Sensory Friendly Night

Presented By Great Beginnings Great Smiles 

Join us for a “Sensory-Friendly” Night from 6:00pm to 9pm! In cooperation with Camp Lakey Gap Autism Programs, we will be providing a family-friendly Haunted Trail experience with special accommodations for youth or adults with sensory issues.


How does Sensory Friendly Night work?

  • The Haunted Trail will be operating normally on this night (we do not use strobe lights in the Trail)
  • If you want a sensory-friendly experience, check-in at the Camp Lakey Gap booth near the entrance of the Trail line. It will be indicated with a banner, table, and counselors in Sensory Friendly Night t-shirts.
  • The counselors will allow you to bypass the waiting line, and enter the Trail through a special entrance.
  • On the Trail, the counselor can walk ahead of your group to alert the actors depending on your needs (i.e. no jump scares, get out of sight, etc.)
  • You may also enter the Trail at 6:30pm for the Sweet Peek Tour. The Sweet Peek Tour is a guided tour of the Trail before it gets dark and before there are actors in the Trail. Actors enter the Trail after 6:45pm, and we will not be able to offer this service after 6:30pm.

During our first 7 years, we have donated $6,800 to local schools through our Ghouls For Schools program. Now, we are focusing on the immediate need to feed the hungry by supporting the efforts of MANNA Food Bank.