We are beyond honor to be supported by the following great companies.

mellow-mushroom-logo-700x400Meet The Mellow Mushroom:

1. Asheville’s Mellow Mushroom is owned by local (and Georgia native) Gerry Mahon

2. The Mellow Mushroom has been in business for 44 years. Asheville has enjoyed theirs since 1997, and Gerry has owned it since 2002

3. Gerry has started many innovative programs (before they were cool) like solar water heating, composting, and regular donations and sponsorship to local programs (like us!) “We were composting 100% of our food waste back in the 2000s.” “Mahon considers environmental stewardship a basic human (and business) responsibility.” ~Reports Mountain Xpress  Full Mountain Xpress article here


Meet The Adventure Center of Asheville

  1. The Adventure Center is just 5 minutes from downtown Asheville
  2. Check out KidZip, America’s first zipline adventure designed for kids under 10
  3. Enjoy expansive views of the Asheville skyline from Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures
  4. They also have a Treetop Adventure ParkDon’t miss the Kolo Bike Park
  5. Best of all they are open year round!

Meet Go Mini’s in Arden

  1. Hands down the easiest way to move! Take it from us, Go Mini’s dropped 2 16ft Go Mini’s off at our house, we loaded the Haunted Trail, and then they delivered it to the Trail. This convenience saved us at least a week’s worth of work.
  2. They are prompt, professional, and have incredible customer service (from our experience)
  3. Perfect for moving, remodeling, or anytime you need to store something and you don’t want to haul it down to a storage facility.
  4. Thinking about using a Go Mini? Check them out at the Haunted Trail, or stop by and ask one of us about our experience.
  5. They are a great community member, and sponsor many local community events for you to enjoy!


Meet The DM Shop

  1. They are a husband and wife marketing powerhouse
  2. Their main focus is on entrepreneurs and small businesses
  3. At the heart of the DM Shop is Bob Perlstein whose expertise and creativity have built The DM Shop into as unique a marketing company as Asheville itself.
  4. They give back to the community as Mountain Bizworks coaches! They help educate  up and coming small businesses.

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