We are beyond honored to be supported by the following great businesses!

Meet Mellow Mushroom: Title Sponsor and Sponsor of The Enchanted Forest

We are over the shroom with love and gratitude for our title sponsor: Mellow Mushroom!
They have been a huge ‘pizza’ the haunted trail’s success since 2017.
It might sound cheesy, but when we came to Gerry Mahon to pitch our partnership, they made sure all our perperon-needs were met! Sliced right out of our biggest dreams,  We could not have wished for a more perfect sponsor to join our team!
In the mood for something warm and delicious? Mellow Mushroom has your taste buds covered! Make your way over to the Mellow booth to trick or TREAT yourself to a slice of yummy pizza or a cup of hot chocolate. This year the game field is sponsored by our friends at Mellow Mushroom. The monster sized games are as big as their pizza slices, which you can also buy on your way into the line! Two locations to purchase, one ‘supreme’ sponsor! Thank you Mellow Mushroom for making sure the Haunted Trail is the greatest thing since sliced pizza.

Meet Lakeview Putt & Play: Sponsor of Pirates Cove on Oct. 27th – 30th

If you and yer crew arrr looking for group entertainment, look no furtharr than Lakeview putt&play! With an 18 hole mini golf course, virtual reality games AND outdoor laser tag, there are no ifs, ands or ‘putts’ about it- Lakeview putt& play has it all! Everyone can enjoy the fun activities in Pirates Cove and meet a live mermaid thanks to the generous sponsorship from Lakeview Putt&Play! We arrrr so happy to have them join us this sea-son! Visit their booth or their website for more information about an unlimited season pass, only $40 now through December!

Meet Burial Beer Co.: Sponsor of Sensory Friendly Night

Brewing up ales that are satisfying to all of your senses, Burial Beer has joined us for the second year in a row and we could not be more grateful to have such an awesome local brewery on our team! If you love Halloween but aren’t looking for a full scream, say ‘thank boo’ to Burial, who has helped make our Sensory Friendly night possible this season! Sensory Friendly night is Friday October 21st-  Thank you Burial, for supporting your community and satisfying our thirst! If you or someone you know needs a sensory friendly experience of our show, please find more information on our website! Hauntedtrailwnc dot com.

Meet Great Smiles: Co-Sponsor of Sensory Friendly Night

Meet Kickback AVL: Sponsor of the Restaurant Scene

KickbAAAAHHHHck Avl!
You don’t have to be “alfraido” of the dishes when there aren’t any!
Kickback and relax and have your favorite local food delivered right to your door!
Delivery so fast- it’s scary!
Taco ’bout a great idea! Delivery fees so low you’ll feel like the hamburgalar!

Jennie Townsend is the genius creator of this s100% local business. As a working mother, she saw the clear need for food that was ready now, not later. She built this business from scratch with only her car and her big dreams, now let her team bring you anything from a hot meal to ice cream!

Meet Thermo Fisher: Sponsor of the Witches School

We are toad-ally excited to have our witches school scene sponsored by Themo Fisher Scientific this year! Making the world healthier, cleaner, and safer might sound like a magic spell but our friends at Thermo Fisher have got the process down to a science! It takes courage to have an idea, and our haunted trail witches can teach you a bravery spell to muster up all your inner courage so you can Step ahead, and step beyond. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Champions of science!

Meet Altitude Real Estate Group: Sponsor of the Mad Doctor Scene

Let’s be frank-
The housing market can have you feeling like you are fighting a monster!
Altitude real estate group is ready to help you find the home perfectly ‘formulated’ to your needs AND your budget!
Wake up! In your new home sooner than you think;
We know you’ll feel revived when hear your new house keys ‘clink’
Looking to sell, or aiming to buy
Austin and Sarah at Altitude won’t let any ‘parts’ of your experience go awry!

Meet Diamond Thieves: Sponsor of the Gem Mine

Don’t even think about stealing our gem mine lady’s diamonds! This year the gem mine scene is sponsored by Diamond Thieves, Asheville’s Best Body Piercing and tattoo shop- They have the awards to prove it! Owner and piercer Daron James is a true delight with the biggest heart in town. Focusing on giving back, Diamond Thieves constantly provides community support and quality customer service. If you are considering a new tattoo or piercing, look no further than 1060 Patton avenue! Just don’t look too hard at our gem lady’s diamonds, she might think you’re a thief! 

Meet Mast General Store: Sponsor of the Wild West

Meet Jeremiah’s Italian Ice: Sponsor of the Hansel & Gretel

Dracula’s favorite ice cream flavor? Vein-ella! One of our new flavor-ite sponsors? Jeremiah’s Italian ice!  Jeremiah’s Ice is the sponsor of our Hansel and Gretel scene this season. Thanks to their sponsorship we have been able to sprinkle some extra love onto this crowd favorite scene. Speaking of crowd favorites: Swirl your way into a new dessert with a delicious gelati; a perfect combination of soft serve ice cream and Italian ice. With over 40 flavors, you can be sure to find something to please every member of your family. Frozen treats and zero tricks, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice just opened on Merimon avenue in downtown! Stop by soon and start living life to the coolest!

Meet Firewalker Hotsauce: Sponsor of the Firewalking Scene

Want to excite your taste buds with no regret?
Are you looking for a tasty sauce that makes you smile, not sweat?
FALL into flavor with Firewalker Hot Sauce!
The perfect sauce to intensify any dish without overpowering it.

Firewalker Hot Sauce is locally made by Franco and Ali Donahue who share the Asheville mentality of all art and nothing artificial! No artificial preservatives, No GMO’s, no sugar, No need to refrigerate.
Take a firewalk on the wild side and try some today!

Meet Plant Restaurant: Sponsor of the Spooky Farm Scene

Those characters in the vegetable garden look a little funny, don’t they?! Well, ‘romaine’ calm, because the veggies at Plant Restaurant are much more agreeable. Born in the summer of 2011 on Merrimon avenue, Plant has the most delectable 100% vegan dishes cooking up for you! Did you know they have ice cream too?! Even if you do not ‘carrot’ all for eating your vegetables, the cuisine at Plant is un-beet-able! Thank you to the entire staff at Plant Restaurant for sponsoring our haunted vegetable garden this season, thanks to them this scene is ready to ‘Brocc’-and-roll all Halloween long!

Meet Olivette: Sponsor of the Alien Scene

Weddings, events, a working farm, stone labyrinth, hiking trails and river access all wrapped up into one address? YES!I know a place that has.. ‘olivette!’ and more
A community focused on self-sustaining values and preservation call today to make a reservation!
It’s impossible to describe in one sentence or even two, but if you love nature and beauty this invitation is for you!

Meet Asheville Plays: Sponsor of the Circus Scene

AHHH!sheville Plays, created in 2012 by Arica Haro and Hans Banzer is a local company specializing in creating customized memorable events and team building adventures. They created this entire event as well as the pirate ship escape room in pirates cove! They also made the snack wagon selling those delicious donuts! If you are looking for game rentals, unique team building or employee appreciation activities, need a snack wagon at your next gathering, or are interested in having a larrrrger than life pirate party, check them out at ashevilleplays.com! Asheville Plays- it’s all fun and games.

Sponsor Needed: moon io media

Meet moon io media: Sponsor Of The Black Widow Scene

Meet Go Mini: Sponsor Of The Hoarders Den

We are very grateful for our Supporting Sponsors