We are beyond honored to be supported by the following great businesses!

Meet Mellow Mushroom: Title Sponsor and Sponsor of The Enchanted Forest and Pirate’s Cove

We are over the shroom with love and gratitude for our title sponsor: Mellow Mushroom!
They have been a huge ‘pizza’ the haunted trail’s success since 2017.
It might sound cheesy, but when we came to Gerry Mahon to pitch our partnership, they made sure all our perperon-needs were met! Sliced right out of our biggest dreams,  We could not have wished for a more perfect sponsor to join our team!
Grab a hot slice in the festival area on your way in or out of the trail!

Meet Kickback AVL: Sponsor of the Restaurant Scene

KickbAAAAHHHHck Avl!
You don’t have to be “alfraido” of the dishes when there aren’t any!
Kickback and relax and have your favorite local food delivered right to your door!
Delivery so fast- it’s scary!
Taco ’bout a great idea! Delivery fees so low you’ll feel like the hamburgalar!

Meet All Pets: Sponsor of the Alien Scene

Don’t SPACE OUT on your pet’s needs.
All Pets can help you, regardless of breed. 
Two legged, reptilian, or four on the floor, 
All Pets says: TAKE ME TO YOUR ‘LITTER!’ 

When we reached out to All Pets to sponsor our amazing event this year, Dr Josh said they were all ali-IN! 100% owned and operated by local, compassionate and experienced veterinarians, advanced tools and equipment, and competitive pricing they offer make All Pets the leader in the Asheville area for veterinary care. Possibly the universe! 

Meet Earth Fare: Sponsor of the Circus Scene

The clowns! They’ve gone mad, totally insane
from their poor diet of finger fries and brains.
There’s no Earth Fare at the circus to shop for whole grains!
If only they would eat the tomatoes instead of tossing them about-
If you’ve never shopped at Earth Fare you are missing out!

Meet Olivette Riverside Community & Farm: Sponsor of the Spooky Farm Scene

Meet Great Beginnings: Sponsor of the Witches School

Is it time to find your child a dentist,
But you don’t know WITCH one is best?
Great Beginnings Great Smiles doesn’t mind a little drool,
they focus on care and comfort and are never cruel! 

Your child or teen has a friendly place to go
To make sure their teeth are TOADaly clean and straight as they grow.

Meet Altitude Real Estate Group: Sponsor of the Mad Doctor Scene

Let’s be frank-
The housing market can have you feeling like you are fighting a monster!
Altitude real estate group is ready to help you find the home perfectly ‘formulated’ to your needs AND your budget!
Wake up! In your new home sooner than you think;
We know you’ll feel revived when hear your new house keys ‘clink’
Looking to sell, or aiming to buy
Austin and Sarah at Altitude won’t let any ‘parts’ of your experience go awry!

Meet Virtue Boutique: Sponsor of the Black Widow Scene

Virtue BOOtique, it’s more than a store,
It’s a wonderland of treats to explore,
From a new purse to a rug for your floor.
You’ll find something unique the moment you enter their door!
Located downtown on Lexington avenue
Find something funky today -at Virtue!
BOOtique, where the variety is definitely not meek!
Their merch is so fabulous you’ll feel like a celeb-
see their pop up shop selection in the festival or check out the WEB

Meet Junk and Disorderly: Sponsor of the Hoarder’s Den

7th Avenue East in Hendersonville
is the location of a treasure seeker’s thrill!
You might find a vintage mirror, a rare book, or a brand new grill.
You might find a gorgeous trinket for your window sill.
Whatever you find, you’re sure to get it for a steal!

Junk & Disorderly in Hendersonville NC is a unique resale store that has treasures in every square inch of the building, on the ceiling, and out back too! Stop by their booth in the festival for a sample of what you might find in store. And has anyone seen a cat named penleope? A very scary lady is looking for her friend. Take a peno-peek at Junk & Disorderly today, because the cat’s outta the bag and their inventory is priced too low to stay!

Meet Firewalker Hotsauce: Sponsor of the Firewalking Scene

Want to excite your taste buds with no regret?
Are you looking for a tasty sauce that makes you smile, not sweat?
FALL into flavor with Firewalker Hot Sauce!
The perfect sauce to intensify any dish without overpowering it.

Firewalker Hot Sauce is locally made by Franco and Ali Donahue who share the Asheville mentality of all art and nothing artificial! No artificial preservatives, No GMO’s, no sugar, No need to refrigerate.
Take a firewalk on the wild side and try some today!

Meet Devil’s Foot: Sponsor Of Our Graveyard Ball

Devil’s Foot Beverage Company makes SCARY good, ghoulishly delicious organic farm-to-can craft ‘sodas’. You’ll SCREAM to know their drinks are NEVER made with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, bats wings or brrraaaainnnsss!  So jump in your UFO, walk the plank, or hop a haunted train to grab a can of Devil’s Foot!

Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh, Drink it In

Join These Sponsors and Sponsor A Remaining Scene!

Remaining Scenes: Hansel & Gretel, Spooky Farm, Graveyard Ball, Ghost Train, Wild West

If interested, email: ashevilleplaystoday@gmail.com

We are very grateful for our Supporting Sponsors