The combination of fun and fright sets the Haunted Trail apart from your average event. We also take it a step further and set out to entertain both kids and parents.

The Fun
The party at Pisgah Park is full of activities, games, contests, and crafts that captivate siblings of all ages. All of the fun will entertain the young ones while you wait in line and before and after you go through the trail. We are proud to partner up with Pisgah Brewery who serves up their delicious beer for the parents. The event space is contained and safe, and allows parents to relax and have a great night out with their children.

Party At Pisgah Park Map

The Frights

While The Haunted Trail might sound frightening, but the art of keeping it entertaining and not traumatizing makes The Trail special. Guests can stroll at their own pace through the trail, and opt out of any world they deem too scary. “We created The Trail to be a DIY fright level so parents and children can design their own experience” says Trail Co-owner Arica Haro. As you stroll the Trail you can be confident that nothing will touch you, you will not see anything too bloody or gory, and if you do get too scared, our actors will remove their masks and reassure you that it all for fun.


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