The Ghouls for Schools program will give $1 back from each ticket to your PTA or PTO of choice. So gather your closest ghouls and give back to your school!

During our first year last year, we gave back $1150 to local PTA’s and PTO’s! The Ghouls for Schools program is an easy and effective fundraising program. No action is required before showing up to the trail. Here are a few easy steps to raise money for your PTA/PTO.

Step 1: Spread the word about the Haunted Trail and Ghouls For Schools.

Step 2: When your school families show up at the Haunted Trail, have them check in at the Ghouls For Schools booth and sign your school up to receive $1 back per paid ticket.

Step 3: We will calculate how many tickets represented your school and we will write your school a check.

It is just that easy! The more people you tell about Ghouls For Schools, the more money your school will earn!

Find Out About-2

If your school gets the most participants, you will win the Ingles grand prize of $1000 in addition to the $1 back from the tickets!

Terms and Conditions:

The Ghouls For Schools program applies to schools that teach ages 3-12 (preschool to middle school). Schools must have at least 10 tickets representing their school to qualify for this program.

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