Advance Tickets: Taxes and fees apply. Advance tickets generate a barcode for faster check in!

Ages 0-3 ………………… Free

Ages 4-9 ………………… $9

10 and up ……………… $11


Tickets Bought At The Door:

Ages 0-3 ………………… Free

Ages 4-9 ………………… $11

10 and up ……………… $13

Check in at the Ghouls For Schools booth when you enter the Haunted Trail and $1 will go back to your PTO/PTA of choice.








3 thoughts on “Buy Advanced Tickets!

  1. Hi there.

    I just learned about your haunted house and I was excited to take our family there along with some friends so I decided to purchase 7 tickets earlier so we could save some money. However once I got to the payment page I noticed that you were charging $2.38 extra fee for kids (3-10) tickets and $2.68 for the other adult tickets. This fee was per ticket so instead of paying $77 for 5 tickets (2 kids and 5 adults). The charges would have been $91.16. This charge is even more than the $87 that would cost us to purchase them in person the day of the event. It is very dissapointing that you use false advertising tactics to get parents to purchase the tickets earlier when in reality there is no savings like you are promoting it on your website. I don’t mind paying more for the convenience of getting the tickets earlier but it really bothers me that you use false advertisement tactics to promote purchasing tickets earlier. Is is definitely not a good business practice and it makes me want to look for a different haunted house to go with my fiends and family.


    A disappointed parent


    1. Hi Sandra, I hope you saw my email.

      We are using a new ticketing system through Pisgah and I was not aware that the fees that were tacked on were so substantial. I appreciate your feedback. I wasn’t able to change it, but I did change the verbiage on my website. I would like to offer you a refund in the amount of the fees or 5 free tickets to the Pirate Ship Escape Room which is a $25 value. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks!


  2. Hi Arica.
    Thanks for reaching out regarding the comment that I posted on your website. I totally understand that changing to a new ticketing system set up may have cause the issues with the extra charges. I appreciate you changing the verbiage on the website so other parents don’t get the impression that you were trying to be deceitful. We have purchase the tickets and look forward to taking our children to your haunted house.


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